New Spa Services for 2014

2013 was quite a year; being at The Lil Spa Room full time for my first year, I have to say it’s been quite a learning experience. The passion that fills my heart doing what I love has grown beyond measures. Now that I am my own full time boss, I have been able to take more classes and play with new products and treatments. I have brought in quite a few new treatments to my studio. I gave each one great thought on why they would benefit my clients. Continue reading to see what new treatments are offered and why. Spa la la…

New for 2014

Eyelash Perming $50 (lasts 4-6 weeks): The great thing about eyelash perming is you no longer need to waste extra time using an eyelash curler. Swipe on that mascara and you’re good to go.

Eyelash Flare Extensions Natural $55 Dramatic $75 Fills $25 (lasts 1-3 weeks): What woman doesn’t want long, thick beautiful lashes? Not only does it bring out your eye color, make your eyes stand out and sparkle, you can totally ditch your mascara and eyelash curler.

Facial Add-on Enhancers

Collagen or Treatment Mask $30: Visibly revive and maintain the skin’s firmness, smooth its texture, moisturize, re-hydrate, purify clarity, reduce the size of pores & fines lines and wrinkles with this treatment mask. This add-on mask is great for those that want more anti-aging treatment added to their facial or for those with very thirsty skin. It’s not only a great facial booster, you can see results instantly.

Collagen Eye Treatment $25: Reduces puffiness, brightens dark circles, hydrates, and minimize fine lines. This treatment focuses on the eye area only, think of it as an “eye facial”. What’s big in San Antonio…ALLERGIES!!! I see so many clients with dry, puffy eyes that need extra attention. This treatment puts hydration back into the delicate eye area and also diminishing those fine lines that come with being dehydrated from allergy meds and/or rubbing your eye area constantly.

Collagen Lip Treatment $15: Add this treatment on to any facial to exfoliate & moisturize dry, cracked lips. Great for those that are constantly licking their lips, have trouble with dehydration, and those with allergies as well. Put moisture back into those lips and keep those puckers dewy and kissable.

Facial Series

Invest in your skin & save with a series! Purchase 3 facials or skin care treatments & get 1 FREE! This is perfect for those that are on a mission for great skin. Clients that visit faithfully once a month, those with acne issues, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), smokers, sun worshippers, and those with mature skin looking for dramatic change in their skin would benefit from a series.


Like our regular clients, referrals are appreciated; refer 3 clients and get your next facial FREE! My clientele has grown due to everyone spreading the word about my services. To show appreciation, have your referrals mention your name and when the third one does, your facial is FREE! (This doesn’t include skin care treatments)

Wellness Wednesdays

Come in on Wednesdays for a Seasonal facial & receive it at half the price.

Seasonal Facials

Chocolate Strawberry Facial $50-45 minutes

Tantalize your taste buds, tone, nourish, smooth, & moisturize skin, & diminish the appearance of large pores with this delightful facial. For All Skin Types. (February Only)

Pomegranate Facial $60-50 minutes

Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant which also brightens the skin. This facial promotes deep hydration, reduces oiliness & dry spots, & evens skin tone. For all types of skin.

Skin Revival Tips

Drink a mug of hot water with a drop of fresh-squeezed lemon juice in it.

Take six slow, deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Wash your face with a rejuvenating cleanser and remove excess cleanser with a steaming hot cloth, followed by a cool cloth to alleviate redness.

Drink at least 1 liter of water during the course of each day.

When applying moisturizer, do so gently. Rubbing it vigorously into your skin will create blotches.

Sinus pressure causing puffiness? Dip your fingers in an essential face oil like sweet almond or jojoba, and tap along up and down the bridge of your nose, then in and out from eye socket to temples.


Teenager Acne Issues & Skin Care Tips

Are you a parent with an acne prone teenager? If your answer is yes, you may want to show them this blog. Teens usually do not listen to their parents when it comes to their skin. Maybe after reading this, they’ll get a little better about skin care. Teenagers from ages 12 to 17 are affected, at least occasionally, by acne.  It is by far the most common skin complaint in this age group.

Acne at any level should be taken very seriously, especially by teenagers. Moderate to severe scarring can become a problem in teenagers with untreated acne. (Scarring comes from picking and spreading the bacteria of the pimples causing more breakouts and damaging the skin.) In turn, the scars left behind can cause emotional pain and discomfort in social situations. My clients that are parents of acne prone teenagers often tell me how embarrassed their teen is of their skin; most of the time it’s because they didn’t get the acne treated in time.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It protects and covers the body, is waterproof, bacteria proof, and it self-repairs when it is injured. Your skin, hair and nails are a reflection of your state of health.  Skin is repairable, but is not replaceable, so take care of the skin you’re in.teensmiles

Diet also plays a major role in how skin behaves.  You must eat a balanced diet in order for your body to function properly.  The old saying “you are what you eat” is true in my opinion. So avoid fast food, junk food, fried, & fatty foods. You breakout areas will definitely show of you are eating these kinds of foods. (The cheek area is usually where digestive breakouts occur)

Our bodies must process everything we eat.  All waste is not eliminated in the same manner and many things are eliminated through our skin. Take garlic for example.  If you eat a meal that is full of garlic, the next day the scent of garlic can often be smelled on your skin.  Brewers Yeast is another example.  Brewers Yeast is a rich source of the B-complex vitamins, which tend to have a very strong scent. Many doctors and pharmacists recommend taking this product in high quantities during summer to avoid mosquito bites.  B-vitamins are water soluble, so anything your body does not use will be eliminated through your skin or in your urine. Even though you will not be able to detect the scent on your skin, mosquitoes have a keen sense of smell and they will stay off you because it. These two items are perfect examples of our body eliminating through our skin. In the same manner, many other foods can affect our bodies in the same way.

Drinking plenty of fluids is extremely important for healthy skin.  Water is most important because it aids in the digestion and absorption of food.  Water is also responsible for carrying nutrients to the skin and waste away from the cells, as well as regulating body temperature.

Eating a low-fat diet is recommended for healthy skin.  A diet high in fruits and vegetables is best since they are loaded with antioxidants which help to keep the skin supple and nourished. Include regular exercise along with diet to increase blood flow to the skin.  Increased blood flow to the surface of the skin not only gives you the appearance of a healthy glow, it also helps clean and repair the skin tissues.

Another major culprit responsible for acne flare-ups is airborne grease.  Working in a fast food restaurant can be harder on your skin than eating at one.  If you work at a fast food establishment there are steps you can take to help keep your skin clean and clear: If possible, wash your face a couple of times a day with a mild cleanser and warm water (not hot) to remove surface oils and dead skin cells. Never scrub your skin hard, especially with an abrasive cleanser.  One cause of acne is oily buildup, not dirt, so scrubbing hard won’t help and can actually irritate the skin and further inflame your acne. If you do not have access to a sink, but still want to clean the oil from your face, there are several different face-cleansing cloths available on the market that you can use.teenskin

Shampoo your hair regularly. Keep in mind to avoid oily shampoos, hair gels, and conditioners, as these products can transfer from your hair to your face during the day or at night while you sleep and cause problems with your skin.

Stop touching your face!  Many people touch their face continually during the day for many reasons.  If you are studying, do not rest your hands on your face while you look down at your books. Every time you touch your face you transfer all sorts of germs and bacteria from all the doorknobs, money, etc. that you have touched during the day.

Here is something a lot of people do not think of very often.  If you use a phone a lot, keep the receiver off your face. The dirt and germs that build up on the phone, along with the constant friction against your face, can cause breakouts in key areas such as the chin.  If being on the phone all day “is” your job, see if your boss will spring for an inexpensive headset to help the problem.

For the girls:  Never use oil-based makeup or other products.  Check the labels of everything you use and if oil is an ingredient, throw it away!  Look for products with non-comedogenic, water-based, and oil -free on the label. If you have oily skin and you use a pressed powder, be sure to look for one with oil control… and be sure to wash your powder pad often.

teenboyFor the boys:  If you have started to shave your face, always use a sharp razor. Old razors with dull blades will drag across your skin and cause rashes and irritation.

Do not think that just because you have oily skin you do not need to use a moisturizer.  Your skin can be oil rich, but moisture dry, so find a light moisturizer that works for you.  You need to balance out the moisture levels in your skin.  If it has enough moisture, the oil glands will not produce as much.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, be sure to wear an oil-free sunscreen, such as a gel or light lotion.  Gel and light lotion sunscreens will not aggravate your acne and will help you avoid skin cancer in your adult years.  If you are currently seeing a dermatologist, some skin treatments can increase your skin’s sun sensitivity, so be sure to wear your sunscreen if you are outside.  Talk to your doctor if you have questions about the treatment you are receiving and how it relates to sun exposure.  Something else to keep in mind regarding the sun and how it affects your skin:  sunburn is your skins way of saying it has been injured, but so is a tan.  When your skin browns or reddens, is using its defense mechanism by producing melanin. Melanin acts as a protective biological shield against ultraviolet radiation.  By doing this, your skin is trying to prevent sunburn damage that could lead to melanoma later in life.  So be careful if you are a sun worshiper, you will regret it later in life when the wrinkles caused by sun damage start to appear.

And most importantly: If you do have a pimple, do not squeeze it or pick at it.  Picking or squeezing pimples only irritates the tissue more and increases your chance of getting scars.  Only qualified skin professionals (dermatologists or estheticians) can safely remove pimples without causing more harm.

If you would like to help you teen’s acne issue, feel free to contact me for more information, or better yet schedule a facial for them.

Teen Facial-$45

How to Properly Cleanse Your Skin

You want a beautiful looking skin. We all do. But how many of us know how to actually wash our faces? No, splashing some water and scrubbing the face with a face wash for a few seconds does not count! Your skin needs pampering, attention and proper care to really bloom. Washing your face the right way can indeed make a huge difference, even without making modifications to your current skin care regimen. But we are all guilty of doing a hurried job, paving way for the pores to be clogged by dirt, oil, and other irritants, triggering acne and other skin problems. Have you ever thought about spending a minute more on washing the face correctly? A miniature massage in reality, washing your face allows you to eliminate unwanted dead cells, dirt and makeup. A correct face wash is all you need for a glowing, younger looking skin. Take a quick look through this guide and start following the routine.

1. Use clean hands:

Wash your hands with a gentle, yet powerful hand wash before touching the face. Unwashed hands are a storehouse of germs and dirt. In the hurry to finish the task, we end up transferring these uninvited guests to our face.

2. Remove eye makeup:

Before washing your face with your cleanser, make sure that you remove your eye makeup with the help of a eye makeup remover. Dab a little on a cotton round and massage gently in a circular motions on your eye area and then wipe off with a clean cotton round to remove the makeup.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water:

Splash a little lukewarm water on your face to wet it. Never use hot water as they could deprive your skin of moisture. While lukewarm water helps in unclogging the pores, it also makes sure that the moisture is locked.

4. Choosing a cleanser:

Choose a cleanser that’s right for your skin. While a creamy moisturizing cleanser is ideal for dry skin, gel based ones work well on oily skins. People with normal skin can choose milky foaming cleansers, and if your skin is sensitive, choose a very mild one.

5. Cleanse deeply and gently:

Squeeze out a dime-sized quantity of the cleanser on your wet fingers, work to form lather, and massage onto your skin in gentle upward and circular motions. Focus on the oily areas – nose, forehead, and chin as they need more attention. Then, work on the rest of the face. Massage your face for at least 45 to 60 seconds for deep cleansing. Apply around the eyes just before washing your face, as the eye area is very gentle. Make sure you repeat the same procedure on the often-neglected neck also.

6. Massage with a facial cloth:

Use a soft, clean, facial cloth, dipped in warm water, to massage your face in gentle, circular motions. Make sure that the cloth does not contain moisture in excess. Dispose the cloth after every use and replace it with a new one whenever you need. While this is an optional procedure, following this will actually help in getting rid of the dirt completely from the face. Moreover, since it has a gentle exfoliating action, your face turns quite smooth and bright. Make sure you massage the areas behind the eyes, around the corners of nose, and on the hairline.

7. Rinse with cool water:

Make a note here: it is cool water and not cold water. Rinse twice so that the cleanser is completely rinsed off.

8. Pat your face gently:

With the help of a clean, soft cotton cloth or towel, pat dry your face in very gentle way. Do not use any other cloth as only cotton has absorption properties.

9. Tone up:

Apply a toner that is ideal for your skin. Toning the skin is essential to ensure that your face has been cleansed thoroughly and is free from makeup, dirt, and even the cleanser.  A proper cleansing routine could be the answer to all your skin concerns, as everything from skincare to makeup works best with a clean skin. Washing your face the right way consumes time, but the process is worth every minute spent. So learn the right way to wash your face and show off your cleansed, radiant skin!



Sleep Wrinkles

Now who wants to wake up in the morning with another wrinkle?!
I know I don’t…

When we sleep our skin is doing most of its regeneration. By pressing our facial skin against the pillow in the same position for hours, proper blood circulation can be impeded. This is one reason why we wake up with swollen faces & those awful pillow creases. Usually lighter complexions look red and irritated too. Even though pillow creases are not permanent wrinkles, they can cause skin problems over a period of time, & are not fun to look at. Permanent wrinkles in the face are caused by collagen degradation due to aging & repeated muscle use in the same way like frowning or squinting can create wrinkles between the eyes.

If those fine lines & wrinkles you notice in the morning are a concern, & you want to prevent pillow creases, the best solution is to try sleeping on your back. If you must sleep on your side, use a silk pillowcase which minimizes pillow creases. To get rid of a pillow crease quickly, you can wash your face in warm water to relax your skin, afterwards, be sure to apply a moisturizer.sleep


Benefits of Wearing Eyelash Extensions

What are the benefits of wearing eyelash extensions?

Appear more youthful, alert, and approachable.
Feel the incredible experience of increased eye contact, connection, and inner confidence.
Free yourself from the wasted time, frustration, and damage associated with eyelash curlers and mascara. No more clumpy lashes, smudges, and eye-irritating flakes.
Eyeliner is optional as the base of the extension creates a line along the lid. Many clients do not feel the need to wear makeup at all.
Accentuate the color and brightness of your eyes. Eyelashes can actually bring out the green or blue in your eyes or brighten the shade of your brown eyes. They can even make your whites brighter and lessen redness.

Can I wear mascara and other eye makeup?

Absolutely. Of course, one of the greatest benefits of eyelash extensions is eliminating the need for mascara on a daily basis. Eye shadows and eyeliners are perfectly fine to use. Oil-based products, particularly waterproof mascara, should be avoided as they may compromise the life of your extensions.

Can I swim, shower, exercise, tan, and/or get in a steam room or sauna?

You may resume normal activities 24 hours after your initial application. Prolonged and excessive exposure to heat and water may lessen the life of your lashes, but will not make them fall off. Some of my regular clients are fitness enthusiasts and do not tend to lose their lashes more quickly than others.

How do I maintain and take care of my eyelash extensions?

1.) Avoid pulling, touching, picking, or rubbing your lashes at all time.
2.) Do not wash or get eyes wet for twenty-four hours after your lash application. After twenty-four hours have passed you will then be able to get your lashes wet.
3.) Sleeping on your side or back is recommended. If you sleep face first you will smash the lash extensions and they will become tangled and worn.
4.) Do not use oil based eye makeup removers or facial cleansers. Use only gel-based cleansers to remove makeup and cleanse your lashes. Only use a water-based mascara to ensure that the product will easily wash off without scrubbing.
5.) Do not use an eyelash curler. Since your eyelash extensions are already curled and long you will not need to curl your extensions. Eyelash curlers are extremely harsh and will break both your natural lashes and your eyelash extensions.
6.) Use warm water and suggested gel based cleansers to clean your lashes and remove eye makeup. Wipe gently around the eyes without scrubbing and pat dry. Do not use Q-tips or cotton, as remnants will be caught in your lashes.
7.) Occasional short visits to the sauna or steam room is fine however, daily or excessive exposure to steam cause the adhesive to loosen the extension from your natural lash. If this happens it may require more frequent visits to have, your lash re-touched.




Achieve Beautiful Skin WithOUT Needles

The Dermis, also known as the “living layer”, is arguably the most important layer of skin. This layer is responsible for collagen, elastin, reticulin, & hyaluronic acid production.

Collagen: a substance that occurs naturally in the bodies of people and animals and is often put into creams and other products that are sold to make a person’s skin smoother and less wrinkled.

Spa Words:

  • Elastin: a protein that is similar to collagen and is the chief constituent of elastic fibers.
  • Reticulin: a protein substance similar to collagen that is a constituent of reticular tissue.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: a viscous glycosaminoglycan that occurs especially in the vitreous body, the umbilical cord, and synovial fluid and as a cementing substance in the subcutaneous tissue.

Over time, collagen stores and production diminishes resulting in loss of firmness and structure of the skin, which ultimately causes unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin.

Working your skin with the right products & techniques speeds up cellular renewal creating a “filling” effect to that of the “wrinkle filling” injections, but without the needle.

“Wrinkle filling” injections can only temporarily fill in the gaps and may cause pain and/or severe side-effects.

Facials promote increased blood circulation to the face allowing more oxygen and more nutrients to reach cells of the skin.

Facials work like exercise, stimulating muscles to not only improve facial contours, but to also rebuild structure from the inside out for more permanent effect.